Restorative Dental Work in Lacey, WA



When you are one or more teeth missing Dr. Giddings, like other dentist, might suggest that a bridge fill the gap from a missing tooth or from missing teeth. Bridges will help ensure no further damage from teeth drifting out of position and will also help you while you chew. Your teeth are used for such essential processes such as eating, take care of them with a bridge. Call for more information and too see if a bridge is the right option for you.


Teeth handle a lot of wear and tear day-to-day and this can create a large old filling or even a fractured tooth. If this happens, a crown might be the best options for you. Have a crown put in can improve the strength of your tooth and protect it. There are 3 different types of crowns, porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and all metal. Call our office for more information or to schedule your fitting.


One of the best restorative services that can be done is dental implants. Dental implants look most like natural teeth and are an extremely functional way to improve your teeth. When you have space in your mouth caused by a missing tooth, dental implants can be used without having to mess with your surrounding teeth. Dental implants can also, on occasion, resolve joint pain or bite problems and restore your chewing, speech, and digestion back to normal. You do have options when it comes to implants. From corrected an issue from one tooth, to multiple teeth, Dr. Giddings can provide you with the highest care possible. Call today to schedule an appointment to see if dental implants are the right move for you.
We also offer Home Whitening Kits with custom trays you can buy at our office. Call today for more information!